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Charlotte Osborn soprano

with Georgina Melling  piano

track list

Poulenc: Tel jour, telle nuit 

1   Bonne journée

2   Une ruine coquille vide


3   Debussy: Ariettes Oubliées - Spleen


4-7 Mark Young: Dieppe ©


8   Poulenc:  Les chemins de l'amour 


Tel jour, telle nuit

9   Une herbe pauvre

10  Je n'ai envie que de t'aimer

11  Nous avons fait la nuit

© Samuel Beckett,'Quatre Poèmes: Dieppe', Poèmes,

copyright: Les Editions de Minuit, 1978

Producer: Tom Campbell

Recording engineer: Mark Young


Shapes of Solitude is an album of known and adored French songs, and also featuring new work by composer and multi-instrumentalist, Mark Young.

The repertoire of the CD is framed like a recital programme, with Poulenc's song cycle Tel jour, telle nuit as its basis and Dieppe (Young) at its centre.

Dieppe started as a collaboration between Charlotte and Mark when they were at university together. He set Samuel Beckett's Quatre Poèmes to music for her.

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"Je t'ai faite à la taille de ma solitude..." Paul Eluard

(I created you to the shape of my solitude)

There is a constant shift between what is said out loud and what is inner turmoil. Sometimes the line is blurred as we lose ourselves within the endless movement of thought and feelings, between what we are comfortable to speak and what we do not dare to show. Ultimately, this is what is burning to be revealed.

Shapes of Solitude is the dimensions, corners, tastes, desires and limits which form a space that we alone can decide to uncover or keep closed off for only ourselves to move and expand in. It creates our identity and our suffering, in which only when we have learned to revel can we let another enter and fill the space, and allow ourselves to fill theirs.